On October 10-14, VCD Interior Design teacher Alė -Janonytė Mulienė for the second year in a row participated in the International Design Week „KEA Charrette 2022“ in Copenhagen, Denmark. This time, the teacher went to the event together with VDK students Vaidile Katiniene and Ornela Grušelionyte.

„KEA Charrette 2022“ is an event that annually brings together over 100 teachers and students from 13 countries around the world. The purpose of the event is to reveal the ways in which design can be a means of protecting what we all have in common – the most precious thing – protecting our planet earth. The main theme of this year is how we can achieve sustainability through diversity and involvement in the creative process.

During the event, students had the opportunity to work in mixed groups, creating innovative design solutions, spaces for the city, working with local organizations and businesses. The most important emphasis was placed on thinking about sustainability, on ideas that would have meaningful impact and remain environmentally friendly.

According to the teacher, participation in the international design week is „an invaluable experience that creates a platform to exchange insights with people of different nationalities and professions, while the best ideas are born through cultural, national and interdisciplinary differences. New acquaintances, fellowship, exchange of different experiences and skills, another look at the same things – these are the experiences which are very valuable for both teachers and students.