Interior design

The professionalism of an interior designer is reflected in the harmonious disclose of the issues of the functionality of the design room and the original aesthetic solutions. This specialty is characterized by the need of constantly improving professional skills and finding individual creative solutions. Projects of interiors of private and public premises are being created. Vilnius College of Design educate qualified interior design professionals who are able to analyze market demands and focus on the needs of consumer culture. Well qualified future interior designer needs not only good theoretical foundations, but also solid practical professional skills and learn how to create, deliver and implement team and individual projects.

The aim of the interior design study programme is to train highly qualified interior design specialists capable of creative application of aesthetic, technological, historical, psychological and social principles, designing spaces for various purposes and objects of the material environment, to carry out artistic and social research to substantiate the value and expediency of the project, to master the stages of preparation of interior and material environment projects and their specifics, to communicate and collaborate with customers, specialists in other fields, implementing creative innovations in interior design, be guided by the principle of lifelong learning by developing entrepreneurial skills, responsibly carrying out and evaluating their creative activities.

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