Graphic communication design

In the course of Graphic Communication Design study programme special attention is paid to visual communication with wide, suggestive, unique, psychological and emotional impact on the user. Specialists trained at Vilnius College of Design are oriented towards a broad consumer society. During the three-year studies, students focus on various areas of graphic design, such as publishing, branding, identity, packaging, typeface, advertising, interactive graphics and web design. The study programme focuses on both, the classic design of the press, and the popular subjects of today like game design, infographics, banner graphics and film / TV shows / series start-ups, urban space design and social design. Students are also prepared to operate a variety of research methods that help to develop innovative and socially responsible graphic design projects.

In the spring of 2014, self-evaluation of the Graphic Communication Design study programme was carried out. The programme was accredited for a maximum of six years period.

After conducting the market research, we have noticed that a well educated graphic designer must be the one who is able not only operate graphic design programs professionally but also the one who is aiming the project to be fully completed from the idea and the strategy to visual communication and view it through innovative ideas.

The aim of the Graphic Communication Design study programme is to develop a highly qualified graphic communication design specialist with the knowledge of visual expression tools and principles necessary for his professional activities, based on the historical development of art and design, contemporary visual and artistic trends and technological innovations using computer graphics programs, aggregate formation requirements and other visual expression skills, taking into account modern innovations and possible future scenarios, capable of enabling design as a tool for formulating and addressing visual communication issues, capable of developing high quality graphic communication design objects, initiating and implementing creative graphic design projects.

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