Applied photography

Continuous studies of applied photography last for 3 years, during which students are prepared to create original and high quality photographic content that meets the requirements of modern market. This specialty is distinguished by the fact that in the course of studies there is a deeper understanding of the rules of creating different photographic genres. Learning to select the required photographic and lighting techniques in the areas of portrait, reportage, fashion, advertising and architecture photography. The specifics of the individual genres are deepened and the most effective solutions are needed to fulfill the photographic content. By encouraging students’ creativity, they are taught to respond to customer expectations while retaining their unique style and creative touch. By learning the theoretical knowledge, students learn to apply them in practice. The aim is that prospective professionals of applied photography can develop not only individually but also be able to work in a team.

Applied Photography students are constantly involved in creative workshops, exhibitions and competitions.

By observing the trends of the modern market, students acquire the need to develop together with constantly changing technologies.

The Department of Applied Photography is active and creative, having already released four professional photographer shows, who are looking for and are able to offer not only good conditions for studying photography, but also creative teachers. Professional photographers and artists who teach at Vilnius Design College not only develop an innovative perception of photography, but also reveal all the technical subtleties of photography art based on professional experience. During the studies, the secret of photography will be opened by the constantly developing active photographers, artists and theorists with experience of pride: A. Valiauga, A. Maknytė, A. Solominas, G. Šeputis, J. Kuršys, L. Pilibavičiūtė, G. Kavoliūnas, G. Jokubauskaitė, R Pocius and others.

The aim of the Applied Photography Study Programme is to develop qualified applied photography professionals with professional applied photography knowledge and skills:

  • To apply existing knowledge and skills creatively in professional activities;
  • adapt to the changing nature of digital technologies;
  • to provide professional applied photography services in Lithuanian and foreign photographic studios, advertising agencies, press and electronic media, television, film industry and other audiovisual creative fields, to carry out artistic artistic activities, to work independently in individual activities.
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