For all career questions you may have, contact the VCD Career Center specialists, whose contact details are provided on this page, or write to us at the general address: kc@dizainokolegija.lt

Manager of Career center
Ugnė Steponavičiūtė
Tel no. 869069906, el. p. kc@dizainokolegija.lt

Deputy director
Aistė Užkuraitienė
Tel no. 865045709, el. p. personalas@dizainokolegija.lt

Mental health issues

Students of Vilnius College of Design can seek psychological help when they experience emotional difficulties, when it is difficult to study, they suffer from anxiety, feelings of loneliness, sadness, lack of motivation, when there are disagreements with those around them, it is difficult to make decisions, they visit depressing thoughts when it seems that there is no way out. Also affected by personal trauma, divorce, loss of family members or serious illness, having problems at work or school, eating disorders, abusing alcohol or other narcotic substances.

You can apply for psychological counseling not only for personal issues and issues related to psychological health, but also for studies: time planning, effective learning, lack of motivation, public speaking.

Free psychological help for students remotely:

Hotline number


Specialized help centers

Domestic violence

Tel no.: 8 700 55516, I–IV (9–17.), http://www.specializuotospagalboscentras.lt

Crisis management center

Psychological support for people experiencing crises

Tel no.: 864051555 I-V (16-20), VI (12-16), Antakalnio str.. 97, Vilnius, http://www.krizesiveikimas.lt

„Youth line“ 

Emotional help for young people

Tel no.: 8 800 28 888, 24-7. Or write:  http://www.jaunimolinija.lt (I–VI 18–22.)

„Hope line“

Emotional line for adults

Tel no.: 116 123 (24-7); http://www.viltieslinija.lt

 „Helpline for women“

 Emotional help for women

Tel no.: 8 800 66366,(24-7).  http://www.pagalbosmoterimslinija.lt

„Helpline for men“

Emotional help for men

Tel no.: 8 670 00027,  I-V (10-14),. info@vyrulinija.lt, http://www.vyrulinija.lt

„Linija Doverija“

 Emotional helpline for Russian-speakers

Tel no.: 8 800 77 277, II–IV (16–20)

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