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Vilnius College of Design Student Board (SA)

VCD SA unites creative, inventive, original and enthusiastic students who try to best represent the interests of young creatives studying at VCD, shape the image of the college, maintain and nurture the traditions of the higher education institution and take care of students’ free time. SA actively contributes to the improvement of the quality of studies, provides suggestions to academic departments regarding the improvement of study processes.

VCD Student board (SA)

The purpose of the VCD Student board is to create a inspiring study atmosphere, organize student community life, protect students’ rights and interests, represent students in cooperation with the college’s administrative and academic departments and student self-government organizations.

The mission is to create a creative, open, cozy, intellectual community of students and teachers, where everyone has the opportunity to express themselves.

The vision is a creative community of students and teachers that is always improving and growing.

We invite all active, creative and responsible students to join the VCD Student board team! New acquaintances await here, many pleasant evenings together and the opportunity to strengthen the creative and open study atmosphere, organize CMYK* and other events uniting VCD students.

VCD Student board contact: sa@dizainokolegija.lt 

*CMYK is an annual creative camp for students surrounded by nature, which traditionally marks the beginning of the new academic year. Enchanting creative atmosphere, freedom of artistic expression, inspiring creative workshops, high spirits, meaningful time spent with colleagues and new friends – this is CMYK!

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