Psychological help for students

Students of the Vilnius College of Design can seek psychological help when they experience emotional difficulties, when it is difficult to study or they suffer from anxiety, feelings of loneliness, sadness, lack of motivation, when there are disagreements with those around them, it is difficult to make decisions, they are visited by depressing thoughts,  when it seems that there is no way out. It is also important to seek help when affected by personal trauma, divorce, loss of family members or serious illnesses, having problems at work or school, experiencing eating disorders, abusing alcohol or other addicting substances.

You can apply for psychological support not only when experiencing issues related to psychological health, but also in need to improve the quality of ones studies: time planning, effective learning, suffering from lack of motivation, fear of public speaking.

Free and confidential emotional support is provided by:

Psychological counseling at Psychological Crisis Management Center

Phone: +370 640 51555, 1815  working hours: Mon.-Fr 16.00-20.00 h.. , Sat. 12.00-16.00 h. Skype – krizesiveikimas,Facebook Messenger – Krizės Įveikimas.

Cost: Free of charge, Adress: Antakalnio str. 97, Vilnius

  • We provide individual psychological counseling in person at our facilities in Vilnius,
    Antakalnio str. 97, as well as remote counseling by phone and online via Skype and
  • Consultations for Ukrainian citizens and their family members are free of charge.
  • Counseling can be provided anonymously.

First consultation

  • The first counseling session is free of charge and is generally offered without
    registration in advance. However, to make sure the psychologists that provide
    counseling on a particular day are conversant in English, do call us by phone in
  • You can contact our psychologist during the operating hours of the Crisis
    Intervention Centre: Monday to Friday from 4PM to 8PM, and on Saturday from
    12AM to 4PM. We are closed on public holidays.
  • To receive counseling via Skype, please call us at krizesiveikimas.
  • To reach us through the Messenger app, visit the “Krizės Įveikimas” account and
    send us a message. Once the psychologist sends you a reply, the call function will
    be activated.
  • To receive counseling by phone, please call us at +370 640 51555.
    Continuing consultations
  • After the first consultation, the regular cost of further 7 consultations is 10 €. In
    individual cases the continuing counseling could be provided free of charge.


Counseling in times of crisis. Contact and distance consultations available. Anonymous help is also available.

Day time:

Reception phone: +370 5 265 8564; email p.: elzbieta.miciute@pylimas.lt or marija.janulioniene@pylimas.lt

Consultations live or remotely during PSK working hours Mo-Fr 7:00-20:00 in Lithuanian, Russian, English languages.

Night time:

Address – Pylimo str. 3, room 131, phone +370 5 252 7218; viktorasbgt@gmail.com

Consultations live or remotely during BGT working hours or at night from 20:00 to 7:00, on weekends – around the clock in Lithuanian, Russian, English languages.

Phone: +370 670 00027

Phone support Mon-Fri 10.00-14.00 in Lithuanian, Russian, English languages.

Emotional support for men.

You can apply by e-mail info@vyrulinija.lt (answers within 3 working days) or submit an online request: https://www.vyrulinija.lt/kontaktai


Phone: +370 603 57912, e-mail: pagalba@neplanuotasnestumas.lt

Cost: Free of charge

Page: www.neplanuotasnestumas.lt/en

Crisis Pregnancy Center is a non-governmental organization established to help women experiencing crisis pregnancies and different pregnancy – related issues. It is also helping women after miscarriages, premature childbirths, postpartum depressions or suffering after abortions.



Reception Department Tel. No. +370 5261 7217
Reception Tel. No. +370 5 262 5979
Administration Tel. No. +370 5 262 5569

e-mail p.: info@vasaros.lt

Live consultations in Mental health center of Vilnius. Psychosocial rehabilitation is provided if necessary. In Lithuanian, Russian, English languages.

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